When I got my first job in photography, I didn’t know anything about the field. It was 1999, and I’d been working as a customer service representative at Bell Atlantic for a bunch of years following college at SUNY Albany- I absolutely hated it. One day I watched the movie “Office Space”, in which the main character is hypnotized and subsequently realizes he hates his job. Newly relaxed and self-confident, he decides to skip the next workday- and his life changes immediately.
Following suit, I dropped my keys and I.D. badge on my boss’s desk, and went on a two week cross-country trip with two friends. Upon returning I, too, was newly relaxed and self-confident. But I was also unemployed. 
A college friend was working at Magnum Photos at the time and told me they were looking for someone to scan film and do some light image cleanup during the overnight shift, and asked if I was interested. I was! But I didn’t know anything about photography, film, scanning, or Photoshop (which was at version 5.0 at the time- I can’t imagine working without multiple undo). She assured me they would train me and I’d get the hang of it. Fast forward 22 years later, I’m a successful commercial retoucher and photographer in New York City.
I was at Magnum for almost three years, before moving on to Henry Leutwyler Studio, where I continued to scan film, retouch images, as well as learn photography, lighting, and styling. After almost 12 years with Henry I decided it was time to venture out on my own, and started working for myself. Since then I've done projects with hundreds of amazing clients- retouching, photographing, assisting, and consulting. 
In addition to photography, I've been a musician since I was 15- playing guitar, bass and drums in a bunch of hardcore / metal / punk bands. I've had the opportunity to perform at many shows during New York City's music venue heyday- at CBGB, The Wetlands, Coney Island High and others. I love cooking, taking things apart and putting them back together (usually successfully), home renovation and repair, and interior design. I feel like I can do anything with the proper research, preparation and concentration. 
If you'd like to discuss working together, send an email at info@nakleh.com. I'll do my best to help you create the most beautiful images possible.